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From pionier to specialist


Founded in the year 1971 by Heinz Vögl and Erich Cschötz as Austrias first company for cathodic corrosion protection, V&C enjoys the global reputation of a specialist for innovative solutions in this field. A short view at the chronicle shows the success story of the company.


2012In the year of 2012 we have obtained the tender offer for the MEGAL-project, which is in progress at the moment.

In the year of 2012, V&C has celebrated its 40 years of existance.

We are quite pleased, that our staff has increased within the years, and we are proud of our experience.

2010Under the brand name POWER ON V&C offers the engineering and
installation of photovoltaic power plants and special solutions in the
field of electrical engineering. Web: www.poweron.at
2008V&C is taking over the German CCP company SPIETH.
Web: www.spieth-kks.de
2007V&C takes the 2nd place in Austria's most important business contest
"Austria's Leading Companies", category "Small businesses".

V&C is successfully certified to SCC**
2006V&C is awarded for its commitments in the field of steel reinforced
concrete protection by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO)

Foundation of a joint-venture in Germany for steel reinforced concrete
protection, Web: www.vck-betonschutz.de
2005Follow-up order for a major project in Saudi Arabia

Installation of a localized cathodic protection plant for Central Europe's largest compressor station in Baumgarten/March
2004V&C installs a preventive CCP system for a cooling tower in Saudi
Arabia (20,000 m2)
2002V&C moves from Vienna to its new location in Pressbaum

First domestic project for steel reinforced concrete protection:
rehabilitation of the bridge "Lieserschluchtbrücke" at the highway A10
2000New company name: "Ing. Vögl & Cschötz GmbH" becomes V&C
Kathodischer Korrosionsschutz GmbH".
1999First project in the field of steel reinforced concrete protection: major
project for the installation of a preventive protection sytem for
reinforced concrete fundaments of an industrial plant in Al Jubail, Saudi
Arabia, 34,000 m2.
1996Take-over by the Austrian energy supply company EVN, Web: www.evn.at.

Alfred Nolz and Karlheinz Wachsenegger are appointed managing directors.
1993/94Special prize for the CCP system of a cooling water pipeline in
Abu Dhabi

Cathodic protection for the transit pipeline TAG II (Trans Austrian
1987/88Production and installation of the first oil-cooled rectifier for the
airport Jeddah.
1971Foundation of the company "Ing. Vögl & Cschötz" by Heinz Vögl and
Erich Cschötz with 3 employees.

Cathodic portection of a water pipeline in La Paz, Bolivia; highest
CCP plant (4.300 above sea level).
1969First domestic CCP project: CCP system for Adria-Vienna pipeline
1967/68The first project for the protection of gas stations in Ljublijana,
Slovenia is carried out by the future company founder Heinz Vögl and
Erich Cschötz.